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Smart Ideas: Resources Revisited

Vital Information That You Must Know Of When It Comes To Front Matter

When we say front matter, we are actually referring to the first section of the book and is generally the shortest page out of the whole book, not to mention that at times it is pertained to as the prelims or the preliminary matter. In addition to that, we want you to know as well that front matter comes on different from as it can be as simple as a single title page or it can be multiple titles pages like the foreword and the preface, to name a few. With regards to matters concerning the things that can be found in the front matter, well, they actually depend on the kind of publication being published, thus we have this article to let you know and get familiar with some of these possibilities.

Below, what we will be doing is that we will be listing down some good examples of front matter that you should know of, therefore we suggest you to continue your read.

One of the few examples that we have here pertaining to front matter is the half title and when we say half title, this is actually a page that only has the main title of the publication. In this particular page of the front matter, you will not see the name of the author as well as the subtitle since they are omitted from there.

The next one here in our list which we want you to know of is the title page and speaking of title page, it is a page that has, at the minimum, the entire title of the work and this include the subtitle if there is any as well as the name of the author, alongside the illustrator if possible. Dependent on the type of book being published, there are other things that might be included in the title page like the date of publication, the name and address of the publisher, notices about safety, information regarding copyright, warranties, ISBN, disclaimers, notice of edition as well as the number of printings, among other things.

Since we are already done with the half title and the title page, we proceed on the next example of front matter which is the dedication page and in the dedication page, you will see the message of dedication alongside the name of the person or people to whom the entire publication is written.

Other than the ones we have already mentioned here, we want to introduce to you the epigraph and talking about epigraph, this pertains to the quotation included by the author which is relevant, however not important to the text.

The table of contents is something that is usually placed in the middle of the front matter.

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